Benefits of Babywearing

For You: 

Allowing you to be hands free whilst meeting your baby's needs and doing what you need to do - tidying the house, playing with older siblings, washing the dishes - you can do it all with baby in a sling!

Getting around is so much easier - no more waiting on lifts, avoiding stairs or having to lift a heavy buggy onto the bus! 

A good sling or carrier will distribute baby's weight properly so that you will be able to carry him for as long as you need to without any strain on your body - much easier than having to balance baby on your hip!

For Baby:

All babies need close physical contact with their parents. Having baby close to you in a sling is the perfect way to meet this need. 

Carrying baby in a sling helps them regulate their own temperature and breathing because they are stimulated by the parent's own body cycles.

Babies are soothed by being carried - the natural rhythm of your body as you move around can soothe a crying baby effortlessly

Slings are great for babies suffering from reflux or colic - these babies benefit from being in the upright position as it is often the only position that is comfortable for them 

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