Sling Instructions

Looking for help using your sling?  Scroll down for instructions on using a variety of carriers.


Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a sling or carrier.  

It is very important that your baby is positioned properly when in any sling or carrier. You should never have to move any fabric or material away to see baby's face. Always make sure that your baby's face is uncovered and that he or she can breathe freely at all times. Regularly check to make sure you can hear his or her breathing and that it sounds normal. Always make sure baby is close enough so that you can kiss the top of his or her head. Your baby's safety is your responsibility. But do remember that baby slings are perfectly safe when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and there is no better way to keep your baby happy than when he or she is close to you! 

Video showing the first stage of putting on a stretchy wrap (JPMBB in this case)

Video showing the second part of the basic front carry in a stretchy wrap (JPMBB in this case

Video showing how to put on a Mei Tai (front carry)

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