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Sling Hire

Not sure if a sling is for you? Why not try before you buy!

There are two options for hiring baby or toddler slings:

1) From Babywearing Ireland

This is the lowest cost option. Rent two second hand slings for two weeks for €15. Note that Babywearing Ireland is not part of Koalacubs and can be contacted at http://www.babywearingireland.ie/

2) From Koalacubs

We only rent out brand new slings, which means that the renting cost is slightly more expensive at €15 for one new sling for two weeks. The advantage of renting a new sling is that it is a simple process to keep the sling at the end of the process if you decide that you like it. Note that we charge a fully refundable deposit and Babywearing Ireland only charge the €15 payment. The process for our sling hire is described in more detail below:


The process is as follows:

1) Drop us an email (Click Here To Send Email or email to info@koalacubs.ie) stating that you will be hiring a sling and stating which sling you are hiring.

2) Purchase your chosen sling on the website as normal. The payment will be treated as a deposit and will be returned (less the hire charge) if the sling is returned after the hire period.

3) The charge for sling hire is currently €15 (postage to you is free) for two weeks. (and additional €5 charge will apply if also renting an infant insert)

EXAMPLE OF HIRE: If you choose to hire a JPMBB Wrap then you will pay €77 (this will be held as a deposit)

After two weeks (from receipt of the sling) you will have three options:

Option One - Keep the sling - no further action is required and the charge will have been the same as purchasing the sling.

Option Two - Return the sling - When the sling is received in undamaged condition you will be refunded the entire cost paid, less €15. (The total charge will have only been €15 and no charge will have been made for postage)

Option Three - Keep the sling for a further two weeks and then return it - When the sling is received in undamaged condition, you will be refunded the entire cost paid, less €30 (the total charge will have only been €30 and no charge will have been made for postage)

Terms and Conditions of Sling Hire

If you decide not to keep the sling, it is very important that the sling is returned undamaged, on time (it must arrive with us within four days of the end of the hire period) and with the full instructions .Otherwise the following applies:

1) The ongoing hire charges will occur until the sling is returned up to the point where the full cost of the sling has been paid in hire charges. Part hire (over the 4 day grace period to allow for return postage) will be charged pro-rata relative to the actual period of hire. Allowance will be made for any postage delays that are clearly outside your control such as postage strikes etc.

2) €5 will be deducted from your deposit for slings returned without instructions.

3) €5 will be deducted from your deposit for slings returned in a dirty or damaged condition, but we are still able to dry clean and re-use the sling. (no charge will apply for minor dirt that is consistnat with careful usage over the hire period).

4) If the sling is returned in a condition that it is completely unusable eg. severe damage or dirt, then the deposit will not be returned. If unsure of the charge that will apply for a damaged item, please do not hesitate to email us at any time for clarification.

Please note that you are responsible for return postage in all cases and we recommend that you use registered post as we cannot be responsible for carriers that are lost in the post and you would, therefore, forfeit your deposit. Please include your name and contact details with the returned sling. (if we don't know who the sling is from, we won't know who to refund!)

Local collection/return of the slings is also possible - contact us via email for this option.

A note on safety: Please note that your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Please check the sling often and use the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure correct usage. Inspect all seams and buckles before putting your baby into any carrier and do not use the sling if you are in any doubt.

All slings hired are brand new when delivered unless specifically agreed. (for example it is possible to hire slings from our special offer section by request)

If you have any questions about sling hire, please don't hesitate to contact us.