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Koalacubs Opinion


What do the Koalacubs think of the Beco Soleil Buckle Carrier?

The carrier has a professional feel, with its quality materials and generous padding around the baby's legs. Leg padding results in extra comfort for your baby. It is wider than the Gemini carrier which explains why it is suitable for the older child. We are impressed with the infant inserts as they are a more robust material than some of the others we have seen, they are also more compact and they fit more snugly to a newborn baby. Inserts are not cheap but these ones actually look like they are value for money.

The straps are dual adjustable at the front (unlike the Gemini) and can be crossed at the back (as can the Gemini). Crossing the straps on a carrier helps to hold them onto your shoulders, particularly if you have a petite frame. The Boba 3g carrier for example can't have its straps crossed and relies on a cross buckle which can be difficult to attach behind your back.

The carrier is nicely detailed with a pocket on the wasit strap, and a generous hood.

If this carrier lasts longer than the Gemini and has some extra features, does the Gemini still have any advantages over it?

For a newborn baby the Gemini will be €20 less expensive as the insert isn't required and it is quicker to place a baby in the carrier. So if you are only intending to carry your child for the first year then the Gemini may be more convenient. If you are intending to carry your baby for longer than a year and using the infant insert for the first four months wont' be an inconvenience then the Soleil is definitely the better buy.

If your have a petite frame then the fact that you can cross the straps on the Soleil may mean that the Soleil will work better for you. You can still attach a cross strap on the other carriers but crossing the straps feels a littel more snug

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