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Buckle Carriers

We currently stock the following Buckle Carriers:

Toddler size carriers are available for the above


About Buckle Carriers

Buckle carriers are usually referred to as Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs). Like the mei tai, this type of carrier has a rectangular fabric panel with waist straps and shoulder straps. The difference with the SSC is that the straps are attached using heavy duty buckles instead of being tied on. The waistband is also normally wider and more structured in appearance than that of the mei tai. With a SSC you can carry your baby on your front or back. The Beco Gemini, Ergo and Huckepack carriers also allow a hip position to be used. These carriers are often chosen for being quick and easy to use. Some SSCs are suitable from birth whilst others are only suitable from approx 4 months.

For more detailed information on SSCs, please see our "Sling Advice" section. Or if you would like us to suggest an appropriate carrier to consider. just email us with your child's age and any other information you think might be useful and we will point you in the right direction.


JPMBB Physio Carrier

Age Birth to toddler
Positions Front, back and hip
Crossing of Straps Yes
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles no
Cost €125

1 - PhysioCarrier adapts to all climates and situations thanks to its foldable cooling vent. It also allows monitoring of baby’s position in the carrier and ensures a good physiological posture.

2 - The rear mirror is useful to watch baby while being carried on your back.

3 - The abundant padding on the straps provide unique comfort. 

4 - With the optional removable booster and the padded collar, you can carry a newborn comfortably.. You can also carry an older curious baby on the back with the booster, he will be able to watch over your shoulder and won’t have his view blocked by your back.

5 - The side straps allow precise adjustment according to baby’s age. It also give support to the bended knees and help to better tilt the pelvis to provide baby with a wide and comfortable seat.

JPMBB Physio Elephant Peacock Blue
JPMBB Physio Blue Glazed Brown
JPMBB Physio Elephant Dark Brown Jpmbb Physio Midnight Grey Green
JPMBB Physio Elephant Fuschia (slighlty pink rather than red)
JPMBB Physio Iris Black
The booster allows 3 things:

1: To carry an infant in a high and secure carrying position (kissing height), leaving his/her respiratory passages clear and ventilated. In addition it enables Baby to be seated in a physiological flexion position without forcing the natural gap between his/her knees (a gap that must not exceed the width of the pelvis at this age).

2: The booster allows an older baby to enjoy greater visibility than ever before when he/she is carried on an adult’s back, as Baby is higher.

3. The removable padded collar for infants makes it possible to adjust the carrier to the small size of Baby’s neck by providing soft, padded support without pressure or direct contact with the neckline hems.
Infant Booster and Neck Pillow (mainly used for for small babies, can be used to boost bigger babies in a back carry too)
€12.00 (available in Elephant or Black)

Beco Gemini

Age Birth to toddler *
Positions Front, back and hip
Crossing of Straps Yes
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles Yes
Cost €118


* Many parents find that the carrier is most apropriate for use up to one year old.

The Gemini is a comfortable, practical baby carrier with a definite sense of style.

Featuring a supportive waistband and wide padded shoulder straps, the carrier can be worn like a rucksack or with crossed straps in the front carry postion. Crossing of straps helps distributte weight and hold the shoulder straps on snugly. The padded headrest can flip up for additional neck support or can be cuffed down and fastened with snaps.

Additional Product Features:

  • D-Rings to attach head support
  • Tall, wide body, supports growing baby
  • Adjustable chest strap for even weight distribution
  • SAFETY BUCKLES prevent accidental opening
  • Width alternating base to accommodate small babies
  • Waist belt adjusts from 28-57 inches
The Beco Gemini Carrier is currently available in the following patterns:

Beco Gemini Metro Black Beco Gemini Steps
Beco Gemini Arrow Sold Out (one available on Special Offer - email us at info@koalacubs.ie for details)  



Kibi Valentine Special offer only left
A very popular carrier that is no longer available. Remaining carriers are highly sought after
(Hired once for two weeks, in Perfect condition)

Age 4 Months to 3 years
Positions Front, back and hip
Crossing of Straps Yes
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles Yes
(Probably the most robust buckes of all the carriers)
Cost €108


Kibi buckle carriers are well known for their adjustability. They are one of the only carriers on the market which is truly suitable from 4 months to 3 years, giving the perfect knee to knee position each step of the way.

They are also very adjustable for the wearer - suiting all sizes from XS up to XXL. The straps can be crossed giving a secure feel to the carrier which is particularly popular with petite wearers.

The Kibi is very popular with people moving on from wraparound slings due to the way the fabric moulds to the baby/toddler's back making it less rigid than other buckle carriers (and hence closer to the feel of a wrap). The waistband on the Kibi also provides a very snug fit making it feel extra supportive for the wearer





Ergo baby

Age Birth to toddler
Insert Required from birth to 4 months (sold seperately)
Positions Front, back and hip
Crossing of Straps No
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles no



Original Carrier
Suitable for babies from 15-39 lbs

The 100% Cotton canvas ERGOBABY Original Carrier has evolved to make it more comfortable than ever. The high-density padding and straps distribute baby's weight between the shoulders and hips and adjust for the perfect mutual fit. The carrier weighs: 1.52 lbs / 690 grams.

Additional Features

Machine washable
Sleeping Hood: Integrated
Small zippered stuff pouch, doubles as Sleeping Hood storage
Large zippered storage pocket holds your wallet, keys, and mobile phone

Genuine Original Baby Carriers

All of the products that we sell are genuine originals and are manufactured by the companies that operate the legal ownership of the brand names listed.

We only sell high quality carriers from well known companies that have achieved an excellent reputation within the babywearing community.

Low cost baby carriers and poor quality copies are often manufactured from inferior materials and may pose a risk to the wearer or child.

Ergo inserts, teething pads and rain covers are in stock.
Ergo Baby Infant Insert (Cool Air - Breathable mesh - better for hot weather) €24


Made of 100% cotton, this specially padded insert was made to support the head and neck of your newborn baby. Soft, comfortable and adjustable, it easily fits any ERGOBABY Carrier. The ERGOBABY Infant Insert is required for babies ranging from 7 to 12 lbs or newborns to 4-5 months.

The insert is not required for older children



Rain covers(€39)

These covers go over an ergo carrier. (They will also fit most other carriers.)


Teething Pads(€13.90)


Boba Air - The World's Lightest Carrier - New Design!

Age Five months to two years
Positions Front, back
Crossing of Straps No
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles no
Cost €65

Ultra light baby carrier, suitable for babies of 15lbs and over, up to 45 lbs. (according to the manufacturer, however we recommend its use up to approximately 2 years).

This carrier has been redesigned for added comfort and breathability. It now includes the following features:

  • Padded leg openings
  • Breathable mesh shoulder straps with light padding
  • Deep, supportive seat

The Boba Air is availible in Black or Grey.

This carrier is ideal for travelling due to its very light weight and compact design (it's the most compact carrier we know of).





Moby Comfort and Moby Aria

Age Birth to two years - no separate insert needed (manufacutrer guidelines - 7.7lbs-to-44lbs)
Positions Front, back, hip
Crossing of Straps Yes
Breastfeeding possible Yes
Safety EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Locking buckles No

Aria €99 & Comfort €42.50


Features(on both Comfort and Aria)

  • Removable hood
  • Integrated infant insert
  • 3 seat width settings for optimal knee-to-knee support

Extra Features on Aria

  • Additional Heat Rest for extended toddler support
  • Front Mesh Panel and Bullon on Front Cover
  • 4 D-Ring Attachments for connecting essentila sot your baby carrier's waist belt


Moby Black Comfort Sold Out

Moby Blue Comfort


Moby Blue Aria

Note the current model has a small blue embroidered pattern at the top edge