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What's so special about Huggalugs? Here are the facts:
  • Make a great second layer under trousers or coats (for arms) to keep out the cold without having the bulk of clothes around their tummies.
  • Encourage children to pull Huggalugs on all by themselves, even over shoes. This will help them to have a little independence as they learn to dress themselves.
  • As the thigh cuff is wider than the ankle cuff to ensure a really comfortable fit.
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Huggalugs are made from: 80% Cotton, 



Tiger Punk Posie Cupcake
Zebra I love Ponies Poppet Spots


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Sun Hats

Fed up with your baby or toddler taking off her hat when on your back? We have the solution! These gorgeous sun hats from FLAP HAPPY come complete with ties making them prefect for wearing in slings! FLAP HAPPY is a well established Californian brand of 100% cotton sunhats for babies and children aged up to 8 years. The densely woven cotton fabric provides the legionnaires style (flap hat) and the wide brimmed (floppy hat) with UPF50+ protection

All sizes are approximate and allow for slight shrinkage after initial wash.

  Chambray Blue
(Small Size 0-6 Months)